Scale comparison of Human Alliance and Leader Class


I got these human alliance toys (Bumblebee-YellowOrange Camaro and Sideswipe - Silver Stingray) from Hobby Station in Shopsville, Greenhills. A while back it was 2,500 peso price on its first release. Thanks to the store, they sold it for 1,100 each for Bumblebee and Sideswipe! Hooray! :)

Back then I was to curious about the scaling of the toys if whether the human alliance will most fit in with the leader class toys, or the deluxe and voyager class will best fit with a leader class.(base on the movie scales) After getting these 2 Human Alliance toys.. somehow, it tells me... to buy more human alliance toys.. lol

more pics:
Mugs comparison Leader Class vs. HUman Alliance
Size comparison Leader Class vs. HUman Alliance
Autobots Pogi Post 1
Car mode: HA Sideswipe - LC Prime - HA Bumblebee - VC Ironhide
Size comparison Leader Class vs. Human Alliance vs. Voyager Class
HA Sideswipe - LC Prime - HA Bumblebee

To sum it up.. i therefore conclude that the scale accuracy of both leader class and human alliance is still not that accurate.. lol..(because H.A. got almost the same size of tires with LC prime ~_~") BUT, it is way more closer compared to the deluxe and voyager class.. see these clips; Leader Class vs. Deluxe and voyager

:LC Prime with Deluxe Bumbleebee:

:LC Prime with Voyager Starscream:

credits goes to the user of this photo(i forgot where i took this, sorry :()

Well, for deluxe and voyager class toyline, they have their own voyager prime so no worries about that.. :) I just hope on the last installment of Transformers, w/c is the TF 3, they will come up maybe a Human Alliance class or Leader class for Ironhide/Ratchet? maybe? i hope so.. and i wish.. :)

Buster Optimus Prime....

Check this out.. I finally bought a Takara - Buster Optimus Prime last December 22, 09. Yey!

And yes.. i can't wait to finally combine my Jetfire and Buster Prime...

This is a picture of my cousin holding with the Buster Prime + Jetfire combined.


At the End of the Day... look what i've got

Its been 2 days now since we've shopped in Toy Kingdom warehouse sale in Megamall. The truth is, i was a bit disappointed because i was expecting the Transformers Movie Toys will be there on sale.. sad. :( Only the Transformers Animated and Universe class was present on the sale.

Despite of that, still, the transformers section is flooded by buyers. If you are the shy type person that don't want to get bumped and feel other buyers skin then this is not your place to be. Just look how few the people are paying in the counter.. lol

And this is what we've shopped. (consists of Christmas presents and 2 Starscream TF Animated Leader Class that was requested by my officemate).

After the warehouse sale, we visited some toy stores at the mall to canvass some Jetfire Leader Class for us to buy. Well i was so depressed on not having a TF toy in the warehouse sale so she(my wife) decided to buy me one in the department store. :)

After we bought jetfire, my wife started to laugh at me.. because the time we paid the toy, i started singing.. "Im so happy~ and so lucky~! hehehe :)

Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale on Nov 6-7-8, 2009

Toy Kingdom will launch a Warehouse sale again this November 6, 7, 8, 2009 at the Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall. Yes! I am waiting for this, and definitely i'll shop till i drop my wallet. lol!

As you can see on their poster, as low as 70% discount will be placed on selected toy items. And as usual, the first shopping day will be for the BDO card holders and SM Advantage card holders. (Good thing I am.. Yes again!) See you there fellas! :)

Christmas Present for Me!

Finally! Christmas is fast approaching and I can't wait to see what my wife will gave me as a Christmas present. (I wonder..)

Well actually, to arouse my ever-wondering-mind, I've gave her a tip on what I wanted to receive most at the day of Christmas Eve. And I've told her that I only wanted a "toy", a Transformers Leader Class Robots (Revenge of the Fallen Movie) to be specific. Is it aint sweet? :) lol

I know most of you are thinking "Why would he buy that toy for his *#$@&% sake, when he is earning money from his company?" Well, the truth is.. I WANTED.. but just can't.. First, i need to prioritize first my baby's needs like milk, diaper, medicine/treatment(for his rashes) and such. And in a month, estimating a 6,000-8,000++(PHP). Secondly, BILLS! OMG.. Electricity, water, phone, credit bills. Third, our basic needs supply - foods etc. etc.. See? So that's why :)

Well, back at Transformers.. I'm actually having a hard time thinking of what to pick best.. (Because i wanted them all.. lol!)

1st on my list was JetFire.. Looks cool in many ways and he is LONG! (except the size proportions, but who cares? :P) He is the SR71 - Blackbird on the right photo together with optimus prime on truck mode. Actually i already have an Optimus Prime (1st Movie) and still i wanted to buy the latest.

Here is his robot mode.

2nd on my list is Megatron. The Villain's Leader. He is the silver guy located at the leftside of Jetfire.

3rd on my list is Prime, of course. But i'm still hoping the "Buster Prime" will be out in the market soon.. (I think, based on the pictures, Buster prime has a better chrome paints than the 1st release) Check his pic, and compare it in the above prime pics.

Actually, i still have a long list of what i wanted to have.. Also i'm still waiting for the Human Alliance - Ironhide Version(drools..) and Starscream Leader Class Version which my previous boss has told me. hehe. I can, how ever, buy these toys if Mall Sales will come up and sale to 50%! lol! Thanks for viewing. :)

Credits goes to Peaugh of forums for his wonderful shots above and to for the buster prime pic. :)